Web Master Tools: Another important tool in your SEO tool box

The three largest search engines all provide you into a small look into their inner working. If you are serious about promoting your site you need to be signed to all three of these free services. Signing up for all three services is a must but Google by far gives you the most detailed information out of the three.

Some of the features in Google Webmaster Tools are the following

  • Top search queries – Impressions shows what searches your site appears in. Clickthrough shows what searches provided clickthroughs to your site
  • Links to your site – What sites are linking to your site
  • Sitemaps – Submit your sitemaps and see how many pages Google has indexed
  • Keywords – What are the most popular keywords on your site
  • Crawl errors – Find out if there are any errors when the crawler receiving your site
  • Crawl stats – Gets graphs of pages crawled per day, kilobytes downloaded per day and time spent downloading a page
  • HTML suggestions – Look for duplicate tags, missing tags, etc
  • Fetch as Googlebot – View your site the way the crawler sees it
  • Malware details – Google search now provides built in malware detector. If Google determines there is malware on your site and this section gives you details into this.

Google Webmaster Tools


Yahoo! Site Explorer


Bing – Webmaster Center


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