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Write on a Sunday… Publish on a Thursday is a great blogging model to go by.

Many times when people start to blog it goes something like this… They come out the gate strong, pump out a bunch of posts all at once, don’t have time for the next week or 2 to write a post, then they feel bad about not posting for so long and eventually they quit blogging. Instead of being one of these people try the following instead.

When inspiration strikes and you have time to pump out a handful of posts do not publish them right away. Try to instead use the feature that lets you schedule the posts to be published in the future (WordPress and many other blogging tools have this). Stagger the posting to be published over the next week or two. Now over the next 2 weeks you will be publishing blog posts even when you are not blogging.

If you have time to write some additional posts in the next 2 weeks… great! Just add them to the queue. Do not violate this rule unless you are writing 1 or two posts that are about very time sensitive real-time subjects.

If you have wanted to start a blog there is no time like the present… start today.

Here are some hosted solutions for you to start blogging right now:




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  • oragreedamure

    Other variant is possible also

  • oragreedamure

    Other variant is possible also

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    Good info, makes life easier.

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