Ideas Are Worthless Without Great Execution

It’s amazing how many times you will meet an entrepreneur with the “great idea”. You know who I am talking about… this idea will change the music industry, become bigger than Facebook or be the next amazing iPhone app. It is so brilliant and they are the first ones to ever think of it.

Sorry they can’t tell you more about it… it’s not ready yet.

We have all met this person but every time I do it is the same story each time. They honesty believe that this idea is new to the world and totally unique.

Let’s set the record straight and I hope that next time you meet one of these inspiring entrepreneurs at a cocktail party, networking event, etc you’ll do the same thing.

Ideas are worthless without great execution.

Any “great” idea that must be kept a secrete in order to protect it means that it has no value. No idea is totally unique, everything has been done before in some way. A brilliant new idea is just a new spin on an old way of thinking. If an idea is that easy to copy then 1 week after you launch both your competitors and clients will be building the same thing. Any idea can be copied but that is not the point. It is all about how well you execute on the idea.

It almost never turns out that when you come out with your product on day 1 there will be clients banging down the door. What will happen is that you’re team will need to be out there to promote it. With the current landscape of technology it’s assumed that you will have something great to sell so simply being great is no longer enough. You need to be out there talking to your potential users, getting your product in front of them and getting the very valuable feedback. This is where we separate the winners from the entrepreneurs who will just fade away.

Tell people about your idea, get the word out about what your building, get feedback… this will help you even while your building v1.0. The business your building is special, it must be, that is the only way you’ll succeed.

Success is based on how well a team can execute on the idea… not the idea itself.

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