Ideas are Worth Nothing

Ideas are Worth NothingSo you decided to pursue your ideas after long hours of sitting down and pondering asking yourself is this the right time, is this the correct thing to do? Then a little voice in the back of your head (called fear) who should I tell it to, I’m scared they might take it and run with my precious ideas which is going to make me millions of dollars.

All first time entrepreneurs goes threw these delusions. We are all scared of people stealing our ideas but the truth is that ideas are worth nothing. It all comes down to your experience in the market. You’re going after and the execution behind that idea. Your experience determines your success of how well you’re going to execute it.

Ideas are worth nothing, its the level of execution behind your ability to execute with the right timing, the right people and the right amount of revenue, but please don’t let this scare you, follow your gut, and pursuit it with passion, go out and tell people about your idea. You need to get concrete feedback from others.

If you find that its already in the market and other business’s to compete with don’t be disappointed. That’s great, which means you have a market you can go after. Remember you need competition to motivate yourself to be better and be able to innovate in your market.

So please do be a favor go out, network with others and tell them about your ideas and draw as much feedback as possible.

Guest blog post by Keven Dones of Labortopia

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  • Ideas Are Nothing

    So true!!

  • Anthony Wilson

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