How To Unschedule a WordPress Post

WordpressYou have scheduled a WordPress post for some future date but have since changed your mind and would like to published it immediately. Each time this happens it seems to be a bit confusing so I’ve decided to cover it here.

  1. In the Posts section find your scheduled post
  2. Use the Quick Edit (not Edit)
  3. Change the Status to Published and change the Date to some date in the past
    1. Note: This uses server time which may be set different than your local time. It is best to go back atleast one day to ensure your actually in the “past”
    2. Note: This date is also your Published Date so keep it mind that it will also control the order that posts appear on the public site
  4. Update the post and your all set.


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  • Richard

    Thanks for the tip. I usually just change the date and time on my schedule to within a few minutes and just reschedule it that way.

  • Charles

    That works also, you just want to first make sure that your WP time is set to your local time (Settings – General – Timezone) otherwise you could be hours off.

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