How Does Facebook Decide What To Put Into Your News Feed?

What's in your Facebook New FeedWant to figure out how Facebook decides what to put into your News Feed? Check out these tips:

1. Facebook’s Bias Against Newcomers

2. Facebook’s Catch-22

3. The Velvet Rope: “Top News”

4. “Most Recent” News Is Censored, Too

5. “Stalking” Your Friends Won’t Get You Noticed

6. Having Friends Who Stalk You WILL Help Your Popularity

7. Links Trump Status Updates

8. Photos and Videos Trump Links

9. The Power of Comments

10. Why Facebook Really is Like High School

Original post - How Facebook Decides What To Put In Your News Feed – These 10 Secrets Reveal All

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  • Pranesh Udhayamani

    Hmm, quite interesting…obviously FB tracks your every move and knows what you like and your interests…but nice topic..
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