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As always Apple makes their in store purchase process amazing and painless. The Apple store in Boston always seems to have an army of staff on hand ready to assist.

The one surprise about the purchase is the amazing minimalist packaging for the Magic Mouse. The package is nothing more than a plastic shell around the already small mouse. The tiny instruction booklet is located under the mouse. Yes batteries are included, already in the mouse and ready to go.

Getting Started

Getting the package open is slightly more annoying than the normal Apple product package opening experience. You’ll quickly forgive Apple for this annoyance once you get the package open. The super slick mouse is simple to setup. As long as Bluetooth is enable on your machine all you have to do is to simply turn on the switch under the Magic Mouse and your ready to get started. At this point just run Software Update and you will receive the latest software for the Magic Mouse.


The usage of the left and right click has been perfect in my experience with the Magic Mouse unlike with the previous generation Mighty Mouse. The mouse has not yet registered a click incorrectly. Also the virtual scroll wheel works perfectly and with the “with momentum” setting enabled in the mouse settings your guaranteed to be happy with the results. It works so well in fact that it sometimes makes you forget that there is not a physical scroll wheel or left/right buttons on this mouse.

The only function that is difficult to use is the 2 finger backward and forward swipe functions. If you have larger hands the mouse is so small that your fingers do not have much room for the actual swipe gesture.

Another nice feature is that the mouse instantly starts working as soon as the machine comes out of sleep mode… there is almost no downtime during this process.


The look is exactly as you would except… clean, sleek and very Apple-like. It seems to be made of the same white polycarbonate as the shell of the iPhone. It’s slick look will go perfectly along side of any modern Apple computer.

I was surprised to see that there was no red laser type of light shining out of the bottom of the mouse. It does not change the experience, it was just surprising to see.


The feel very nice and it tracks excellently across most smooth desktop surfaces. The only negative here is that the mouse has a very low profile when compared to other mice. This can cause your hand to become tired when using the mouse for extended periods of time. When compared to a much larger Microsoft Optical Mouse the difference is huge. I am unsure if the Magic Mouse would provide the same level of comfort if it was used for 9+ hours a day.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the Apple Mighty Mouse is a very nice piece of technology. It’s a great mouse but maybe not perfect if you plan to use it for an extended period of time each day. If you use it to supplement your trackpad on a laptop there is a good chance you will be very happy with this mouse.

If you already have a Mighty Mouse working perfectly fine I would not recommend that you trash it and go buy this mouse. If you happen to be in the market for a mouse that will be used for shorter periods of time and is very portable then this may be the mouse for you.

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  • Pranesh Udhayamani

    Never really known that apple made this product but it look cool…not sure what happened to it..was is just a prototype?

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