3 Reasons That Site Owners Are Not Using A/B Testing

1 – Unsure of what to test

You’ve decided to run an A/B test but now what? What are you are testing? With an infinitive number of possibilities to test it’s not always easy to know what elements of the page to begin with.

I would also recommend that you start testing your call to action to find out what will increase conversions.

2 – Unsure of how to test

There is a decently steep learning curve when it comes to the Google Website Optimizer. Also there is a lack of simple and inexpensive tools in the market to help introduce users to A/B testing. I would like to see more tools available to help users who are just beginning to A/B test,  please leave comments with recommendations.

3 - Not enough traffic

If you do not have the traffic volume it makes it difficult to collect enough data to preform proper analysis. For the long term I would always recommend inbound marketing to increase your traffic but for the short term cheap paid traffic with StumbleUpon Ads can help get the traffic and data that you need to run an A/B test.

What do you think?

What are the reasons most people are currently not A/B testing?

How can we help get more people to run A/B tests on their site?

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